Insight into Aztec Gems Deluxe

Aztec Gems, an pgslot online slot game with a South American theme, was first released by Pragmatic Play in 2018. Not one of their best paying machines, but it had a lot of multiplying action. It’s interesting that, despite some online trolling, the game seems to have found favor among Indonesian gamblers. After a delay of a few years, the sequel Aztec Gems Deluxe has finally been released. Let’s have a look at the upgraded features and reworked mechanics that were supposedly responsible for the ‘deluxe’ labeling of this game.

The absence of the fourth reel is immediately apparent once the game begins loading on the screen. In case you missed it, this was the second iteration of our Win Multiplier Reel, which could increase your payout by a factor of 15 for each winning spin. Now the South American jungle serves as the backdrop for a reduced 3×3 grid featuring 9 paylines. There have been some improvements made to the visuals, such as smoother reel spin animations, but otherwise the game still looks the same. And the dramatic score, which is actually pretty moving.

Players can begin the journey on any device with wagers ranging from 9 p/c to $/€90 per spin. When using 5 distinct gemstone symbols, only 3 of a kind combinations can be made. The yellow triangle is worth 0.89 times the wager, while the red diamond is worth 9.78 times the outlay. The wild symbol is used to complete winning combinations when nothing else would do. Three wilds in a row are worth 27.78 times the wager. There are random appearances of weird numbers and values.

One metric that isn’t weird is the default RTP of 96.5%, substantially above normal so no dramas there. The premium edition’s volatility has been increased, and it now registers as a 4 on Pragmatic’s volatility scale, making it somewhere between medium and high. The game is obviously unpredictable, as we hit the Grand Jackpot during testing but also saw lengthy dry spells.

Features of Aztec Gems Deluxe

We’ve established that the reel that multiplied players’ wins is no longer available, but that’s not all that’s changed for gamers. You can win one of four predetermined jackpots while enjoying Money Respins and a Wheel of Fortune feature.

To win the Mini or Minor jackpots, look for the blue Money Symbol, which represents a cash award. If you get 4 of them, you’ll get to play the Money Respin bonus round. Once all winnings have been distributed, the bonus round will begin. After that, the pay symbols disappear and the triggering Money Symbols become immobile on the reels.

There will initially be 3 spins where only Money Symbols will emerge. As soon as one or more of them is hit, the spins stop at three. When a game is played to completion, any winnings represented by the Money Symbols are totaled.

All prizes are paid out and one random feature (either a Multiplier or the Wheel of Fortune) is activated if all places are filled with Money symbols. The total win from the respin round is multiplied by 2, 5, 8, or 10 times if the Multiplier is activated.

The prizes on the Wheel of Fortune include multipliers of 18 to 388 times the amount stake. In addition, this is where the Mini, Minor, Major, and Grand jackpots are awarded. Each jackpot is worth a different multiple of the initial wager, from 100x to 500x to 1,000x.

The Final Say on Aztec Jewels Deluxe

Well, it seems the ‘deluxe’ appellation isn’t wholly inaccurate. The addition of respins and jackpots gives Aztec Gems Deluxe greater depth than the original game. While the deletion of the win multiplier reel is disappointing, the original game’s low symbol values rendered the feature largely ineffective. Since technology has improved slightly throughout that time, Aztec Gems also improves upon the concept somewhat. Simply put, the deluxe edition is a must-have for fans of the original.

Reviewing Aztec Gems Deluxe was a little bit of a challenge. There was a lack of enthusiasm for or against the game. It’s professionally put together, with attractive pictures and an emotionally stirring score. Simply put, the game is what it is. Test runs went okay, delivering a few great moments, although when it was over, there was little draw to return. At its core, Aztec Gems Deluxe is just a standard fruit machine in a different garb.

Aztec Gems Deluxe appeals to fans of basic, fast-paced slots that can randomly award a smaller jackpot at any time. Those who seek more nuance in their games will likely be disappointed. The most pressing concern is probably whether or not Aztec Gems Deluxe will become as popular in Asia as its predecessor did.






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